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How PAJ became the market leader for GPS trackers through the right SEO strategy, the establishment of a blog and internationalization in Google

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Company presentation

PAJ is the market leader for GPS trackers based in North Rhine-Westphalia. With their comprehensive GPS solutions in the areas of car, child, dog and cat GPS trackers (and much more), they and their customers pursue the goal of finding lost property. They act as dealers, developers and consultants. From its beginnings in the nursery, PAJ has grown into a company with 6 locations spread across 3 continents and over 50 employees dedicated to developing and implementing innovative GPS technologies to protect everything their customers hold dear.

Initial situation & challenges

Before the start of the SEO project, PAJ achieved the majority of their sales through channels other than Google (mainly Amazon, affiliate sales and fulfillment sales).

Despite already being the market leader in the GPS tracker sector in Germany at the time, they were only positioned on page 2 for most of their relevant keywords.


In view of this, it was clear that PAJ’s visibility had to be strengthened through search engine optimization so that sales could also be generated via this channel and its position as market leader could be secured. In addition, the dependence on paid advertising campaigns should be reduced.


In order to secure its market-leading position in Google through SEO, PAJ’s SEO presence had to be analyzed and completely revised.

The first measure was an SEO audit (or SEO analysis) for PAJ’s website. The aim was to examine the website for all SEO-relevant elements. These elements were analyzed in the SEO audit:

The SEO audit showed that there was a lot of potential on the PAJ website to significantly increase the visibility and findability of the site in Google. The biggest anomalies were in the following areas:

Keyword cannibalization:

On the one hand, we noticed keyword cannibalization. This means that several pages on the website were competing for the same keywords. This dilutes the relevance of the pages for search engines, which means that all pages involved in keyword cannibalization are “penalized” by Google, resulting in low rankings.


Internal linking:

In addition, the internal linking was faulty. For example, the same anchor text was used to link to different subpages. This not only impaired user-friendliness, but also SEO effectiveness.


Heading structure:

The heading structure was also inadequate: some pages had more than 40 headings, several h1 headings and an incorrect hierarchy of headings. This makes it difficult for search engines to correctly interpret the content of the page and then rank the pages accordingly.



Important keywords were missing on many pages, which significantly reduced the chance of good rankings for the relevant keywords.



In addition, the footer contained too many links. This detracted from the clarity and user-friendliness of the site.


External links:

Furthermore, the external links did not have a nofollow tag. This meant that the website lost SEO strength due to the high number of external links.


404 error:

In addition, 404 errors were discovered, which lead to a poor user experience and have a negative impact on the page ranking.


Duplicate Content:

Finally, duplicate content was also found – i.e. identical content on several pages. This has a negative effect on the ranking, as search engines have difficulty identifying the relevant page for the keyword.


In summary, the SEO audit at PAJ showed that several fundamental SEO errors needed to be corrected in order to improve the visibility and efficiency of the website and ultimately generate more traffic and conversions.

Based on the SEO audit, the appropriate measures for PAJ’s website were derived, prioritized and implemented.

You can find an overview of the most important SEO measures here:

Among other things, the following measures were taken to optimize the PAJ website for search engines:

Elimination of keyword cannibalization:

Keyword cannibalization was eliminated by combining pages with similar content and separating the pages according to keywords. This prevented several pages from competing for the same keyword, which in turn had a positive effect on the rankings of the pages.


Establishment of a silo structure:

A silo structure was established – i.e. the website was organized in such a way that thematically related content is grouped in clearly delineated areas (which had a positive effect on both user-friendliness and search engine comprehension).


Optimization of the heading structure:

A logical, hierarchical and keyword-optimized heading structure was implemented to enable search engines to correctly interpret and evaluate the content.


Keyword optimizations:

The SEO texts, SEO titles, meta descriptions and alt texts were comprehensively optimized to increase the relevance of the pages for certain keywords and improve the click-through rate in the search results.



The footer has been streamlined by removing unnecessary links, making the site clearer and more user-friendly.


External links:

All external links were given a nofollow tag to preserve the SEO strength of the site.


Correction of the 404 error:

The 404 errors have been fixed, improving the user experience and avoiding negative effects on the ranking.


Elimination of duplicate content:

Duplicate content was eliminated by merging duplicate pages and using 301 redirects. This prevented confusion for search engines and strengthened the authority of the individual pages.


OffPage optimization

Off-page optimization was carried out, continuously building links to increase Google’s authority and trust.


Establishment of a blog

A blog was also established. By researching various relevant topics and writing blog articles, thousands of visitors were reached each month, many of whom also became customers.



Finally, the SEO measures were also raised to an international level in order to reach even more interested parties. SEO was also carried out for the Italian website, enabling PAJ to rank in the top 3 for its relevant keywords and benefit from the high rankings.


The results of PAJ show:

Consistency is key. Over the years, PAJ’s SEO strategy has had to be adapted several times due to a number of Google updates, some of which have “shaken up” the rankings. For example, the content of the pages had to be changed or recreated. Despite the constant Google updates, we were able to develop PAJ into the SEO top dog for GPS trackers by constantly staying on the ball. Good SEO requires flexibility in order to react to Google updates accordingly.

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